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  • Wait till Helen comes : a ghost story

    Helen haunts young little girls and tries to guide them into the water so they will live with her forever. Will the new owners of a house by her grave be able to stop her.

  • Gym Candy


    Well a boy named Mick Johnson is a high school football player who is really good at football but does some very very stupid things and ends up... read the rest to find out what ...

  • Michael Vey :Battle of the Ampere

    The book had the perfect combination of action, adventure, romance, and suspence. It was the highlight of my day. I waited all day after reading to go home so that I could read it again.

  • Hear no evil : A time to fear / Kate Chester.

    A Time of Fear
    By: Kate Chester
    The mystery “A Time of Fear” is about a blind teenager named Sara Howell who is being stalked by someone that knows where she lives, what she does, and where she ...

  • The old Willis place : a ghost story / Mary Downing Hahn.

    Problems In the Old Willis Place
    Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live near the woods and near an old house with a lot of rules? Well, the old Willis place is a mystery about Diana and ...

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